the night shift is tough

I don’t mind working during the day time, says Vila from escorts in London, but I do find it tough to work at night. Before I joined escorts in London, I had never worked the night shift before, but we need to do that here at London escorts. A lot of the gents that we date, work long hours during the day and they may just want to see us at night. Some gents have time to date us during the day but the vast majority don’t. The girls at our agency always take things in turn and make sure that we don’t become too tired.

One thing about working nights at escorts in London, is that you have to get out. Your body just needs some daylight and to get that, it is a good idea to working out outside. If you see some gorgeous girls walking around a park during the day in London, they may just be London escorts. When I work the night shift, I don’t go to the gym, I concentrate on spending as much time outside as I can and that seems to work for me. Lots of the girls do the same thing, and they say it makes them feel better.

On top of that, your skin suffers. I don’t know what it is but all of the girls at escorts in London say the same thing. Personally, I am really into natural health care and skin care, so I use all of the quality products. When I work the night shift, I always use products that stimulate the circulation, and I know that many other London escorts do the same the same. It is important to have good skin, and I think the problem is that you spend more time indoors, when you work the night shift.

Lots of the girls at London escorts also take supplement. Before I joined escorts in London, I never used to take any supplements but now I am really into it. My favorite supplement is vitamin B complex, and I think it helps my overall health. Although I do eat very healthy I still think that we need a bit of extra help to keep us healthy. If you are spending a lot of time indoors, it seems that you become tired quicker and this is where I think that supplements can help a lot. I don’t take big handfuls as some of the other girls.

I am not a health freak but like so many other London escorts, I do like to look after myself. Lots of people up and down the country work night shifts and we don’t always look after ourselves. The advice does not seem to get out there and I am sure that a lot of night shift workers suffer health wise and in their sex life. It would be great if more information was available out there but I am afraid it is not. You sort of have to find out what works for you and what makes you feel healthier when you work the night shift.

Tips To Enjoying A Successful Outdoor Sexual Experience

Many people have fantasized about having sex in an unconventional way more than once during their lives (when we say unconventional we are referring to sex outside the bedroom). There is an equally large number who have acted on those thoughts. The consensus among them is it’s a memorable experience, an adventure of sorts. A majority of women find the idea erotic in one way or another. So let’s examine the possibilities outdoor sex has for the adventurous. If you want more, take a look at

Location is crucial for intimacy

Before you engage in the act please try and remember the importance of location. Sometimes we might get caught up in the heat of things and end up having sex in an inappropriate location. Imagine the embarrassment you will endure if you two are caught in the act at a school playground or a public park by a group of kids. This can be traumatizing to the young children who may have never been exposed to this before. It would better if you avoid places that are frequented by people or families like to hangout. This way you and your partner are able to avoid damaged reputations and criminal charges due to indecency. A ride in a police car is going to be a major turn off!

The Effectiveness of Tents and Blankets

One of the safest ways to have sex outdoors is by the use of tents and blankets. A tent is very simple because you a zip it up whenever you are intimate and never have to worry about some busybody seeing you from afar. If you feel like you want to appreciate nature more fully then have sex at a meadow with the blanket covering, you both. If somebody passes by they will be inclined to think you’re making out or just plain being silly. If they think otherwise, then at least you get points for covering yourself up. Talk about decency!

Some couples have fantasized about having sex on the beach. While it sounds exciting in principle, in reality it is not so appealing. The sand particles can find its way into the smallest crevices and sensitive body parts. So if you have any beach fantasies forget them for now. The same applies for pine straw which can be very irritable to the skin.

Outdoor sex is all about improving and heightening your sex life. It should be done responsibly, being mindful of your surroundings and the people around the vicinity. One simple rule is to put yourself in their shoes and determine if you would approve or disapprove. Otherwise they are endless possibilities for pleasure at your disposal.